Hi!  My name is Nick Kringas and I first got started in Search Engine Optimization a few years ago when I was working at my family’s restaurant.  At the time, I bought and studied my first course on SEO and I was instantly hooked. 

I initially only worked on the restaurant’s website and then moved on to working for clients who wanted more free traffic from the search engines.  I have to tell ya, I have more fun when the client’s main motivation is to out-rank a competitor.  What can I say, I’m competitive by nature. 

Over that time, I have used many link building products and services and between me and you… I developed a problem, buying every SEO tool and product on the market.  It was like I was addicted to the power of these tools, but at the same time, I was extra conservative in my approach, never using corny spam techniques.

I then realized that it didn’t make business sense to spend unnecessary money on tools that were not being used to their full potential or that were not giving me the promised results of higher search engine rankings. 

That is exactly why I created MyLinkBuildingReviews.com.  To tell you which tools are worth your precious time and money, which ones are effective in reaching higher search rankings, and which ones to stay away from. 

Do not hesitate to contact me here if you have any questions or if you’ve used a link building product and want to share your story.  If it benefits our readers, I may even share it on this site!

To your search engine and online success - 
See you on Page One!

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