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There are many different places you can get links from and each category has hundreds of sites within them.

As you can see from the Types of SEO page, getting links from all those different sources in order to have a “natural-looking” link profile can be super labor-intensive.  But unfortunately, that’s exactly what we need for any chance of improving our website’s search ranking.

Good All-in-One SEO tools can obviously help you in this department, saving you hours and hours of link building drudgery.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind About Fully Automated SEO Software

There are only a few good ones available and how you use these tools has a tremendous effect on your results.

Why Are there only a few good ones available?

Well, the programming must be a nightmare because of all the things that this type of software is expected to accomplish.

Here is a short list of those tasks:

  • Create email addresses
  • Confirm email account creation
  • Create accounts on all kinds of websites
  • Confirm email address after registering
  • Scraping content and creating articles
  • Spinning that content to look unique to the search engine spiders
  • Posting that content to the appropriate accounts with alternating links and anchor text
  • Using proxies to hide your identity
  • Being able to handle dozens of campaigns at the same time
  • Scheduling the release of content so links “drip” in
  • Constantly updating the software with new sites you can post to
  • And more…

How Can User Ability Effect SEO Results?

Obviously, with all that horsepower under the hood, if you don’t really know what you are doing you can quickly be flagged as a spammer. 

Even if you use an All-in-One SEO Tool responsibly, you can still trip up and leave an easy-to-detect pattern, still getting you nowhere.

That’s why it’s critical to learn SEO the long way (like long division) before you even think of automating.

How long have you been trying to improve search ranking?  Are you brand new?  If you are, you may want to crawl before you can walk or in this case run before you get into that F1 Fighter Jet.

Be careful out there kids.


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