INFOGRAPHIC: 7 Greatest Benefits of Content Curation


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Content Curation is the latest buzzword in SEO.

Whether it’s sharing a video, an infographic (like the one above), a quote, or an excerpt from an article or blog post, content curation has become the topic all the experts are talking about… especially after old school link building took such a pounding by the Panda and the Penquin.

I like this graphic because it explains the process of curation so simply, yet so perfectly.

Find, Organize and Share

The only thing that I would add is giving your own personal touch or opinion above or below the video so that your audience has a reason to listen to you.

But frankly, that’s not even necessary.

Content curation conveys to your audience that you are the go-to resource on the topic.

What better solution can you ask for to the age-old problem of not having the time or expertise to create all the content you need for your audience?

Also, copying and pasting key takeaways from other authorities on your subject and presenting them in an organized way on your blog makes people want to share your content. 

As their trusted advisor, it is your duty to provide them with the best information possible… even if you did not create it.  Besides the search engine benefits that, in a nutshell, is why you should embrace content curation!

The 7 Greatest Benefits of Content Curation

  1. Your audience will love it
  2. You don’t have to create all your own content
  3. The perception of you as expert goes up
  4. Google loves when your site is regularly updated
  5. People will share your content and build links for you (link bait)
  6. Instant traffic boost from people sharing your content
  7. Make your site multimedia by sharing graphics, video and text
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