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Linkvana ReviewsIf you’ve ever worked on improving your website’s search engine ranking then you know that the hardest part is getting links pointing back to you from high authority, highly trusted, high page rank websites.  There are hundreds of products and services on the market which claim to be effective at creating high quality back links pointing to your website and in helping you get on Page One of Google.  One such service is Linkvana, but does it really work or is Linkvana a waste of time and money?

If you are searching for Linkvana Reviews and looking to sign up for the Linkvana Free Trial you should continue reading because it is important that you know as much about the features as possible so that you can make the most of your time using the service and not waste your money.  I have been personally using this service for a few weeks now so, although this review will be kept subjective and unbiased, I will inject stories from personal experience here and there to help clarify certain features of the service and if they proved effective for me or not.

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What is Linkvana?

Linkvana allows you access to their network of high page rank domains so that you can post your content and build links pointing back to your website.  In other words they have their own private network of blogs that have been around for a while (some are up to six years old), have a healthy page rank of 2 to 5 and already have thousands of links pointing to them.  What this means for you is that the links that get posted to the network are weighed by the search engines more heavily in your favor than say, forum profile links or blog comments.

Linkvana claims to be “the only all natural, continuously-optimized, affordable way to get profit-boosting back links.”  They position themselves as an effective way of optimizing a website for the search engines because appearing as if your website is becoming popular naturally is extremely important and they argue that creating links inside of unique content posted steadily over time on their blog network is the most effective way of improving ranking naturally.  

Furthermore, they promise to:

  • auto-post your content over time the way Google likes it,
  • maintain a high quality network by terminating any site that shows red flags,
  • continually add 50-100 new blogs to the network every month to keep the network fresh,
  • spread your links over different IP addresses so that no footprint is left behind,
  • only accept the highest quality unique content and
  • keep the addresses of their sites a secret so that others can’t easily see what you are doing.

Linkvana also provide a “No Google Slap” guarantee and although they explain that they only accept the highest qaulity content from White Hat sites – not from adult sites, gambling sites, or some pharmaceutical sites – they don’t, however, explain anything else about this guarantee.  I agree that this is the safest way of promoting a site because you are not posting hundreds of spun pieces of garbage all over the web but God forbid your website does get de-indexed by Google, this guarantee doesn’t give me any additional peace of mind at all.


But How Does Linkvana Work?

Linkvana breaks their link building process down into five easy steps.

  • Step One: You enter your original content
  • Step Two: They automatically post your content to their network of over 1500 blogs creating links pointing back to you
  • Step Three: They release your content to their blogs steadily over time
  • Step Four: They continually optimize your backlinks
  • Step Five: They keep your posts and links up permanently

So, as you can see Linkvana promises to do all the work after the you-provide-the-content part.


Other Things You Can Do With Linkvana

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In addition to writing posts of 100 words or more you can also get links from Linkvana by publishing articles, social bookmarking, blog commenting, creating forum profiles and by social media submissions.






Who is Linkvana For?

Linkvana is for anyone who wants to rank higher in the major search engines, people who have original, relevant content to promote, those who have a quality white hat website, people making money online and people who have tried and wasted money on other services that build lower quality backlinks.
However, at 147 per month I would have to say that this service is reserved for those promoting a business website that brings in money.  You have to be able to justify the price and I can’t see doing so by targeting non-buyer, information-seeking keywords.  With all that being said, you should really have a good idea about which keywords you want to rank better for before signing up for Linkvana.  Without proper keyword research you will just waste your time and money.


Research Results for Linkvana

I did the best I could to find other people on the Internet that were also using Linkvana but were not affiliates of the company.  If the forum user or person commenting had any obvious connection with the company or benefited from you subscribing to the service, I skipped over them.  For this section I was only looking for unbiased users naturally talking about this on the Internet.

For the most part, 95% of what I found online about Linkvana was positive.  The only negative comments I found were people saying that the service did not help them rank better but they really didn’t spell out the reasons or what they were doing exactly.

Here is some feedback from other users of Linkvana:

“…. and they do not remove the posts and links in case you cancel the service.. that is for sure… They recently started the social media promotion as well which is giving my seo campaign quite a boost.”
thelionz, Warrior Forum

“A note on Linkvana: I’m using Linkvana for this project and it seems to have brought good results, but I don’t recommend the use of it if you’re only working with one niche site.  This program is way too expensive for just one site.”

“I am using Linkvana for quite some time and really impressed with the service.  I’ve used Linkvana to consistently rank my sites very well in serps.  I can certainly vouch for these guys.”
Yeeee Ha, Warrior Forum


Advantages of Linkvana

One advantage is the bonus services available to members to get more results for your efforts.  Most of them cost extra to take advantage of but my favorite is the free blog commenting module which allows you to post comments on related blog posts in their network.  They allow you up to 150 blog comments per month with your subscription and in my opinion, this is a nice feature that gives you link diversity so that the search engines cannot easily see that you are getting links from one type of source.

Getting links from high Page Rank blogs is probably the most effective and quickest way to improve your Google ranking and this is exactly what Linkvana offers.

It seems that this network has been around for a few years and even though price is a disadvantage, it must also be considered an advantage because it deters many people from joining, keeping the network somewhat exclusive.


Disadvantages of Linkvana

The first obvious disadvantage of Linkvana is the price.  At 147/month, you’d better have your keywords ready ahead of time and plan to use the service a lot to get the most bang for your buck.

The second disadvantage that I saw was that they don’t provide the URL of your blog posts.  In other words, they don’t directly prove to you that the post was in fact, published.  I know the reason for this is so that their users don’t go out and throw tons of junk links at their network but it would be nice.  I guess a few bad apples spoil it for the rest of us.  Of course, you can always type the title of your blog post in quotation marks into the Google search bar in order to see your published post.  You just can’t get a list of the URL’s in one convenient report.

The last disadvantage that I found was the fact that Linkvana does not accept spun content and only accepts 100% unique content not found anywhere else on the Web.  Again, the reason for this is obvious but it means that you will have to work harder to provide content.  This is a trade off because networks that accept spun content are not as effective but the content that you do create can be spun and used on hundreds of sites.  

Linkvana is concerned most of all with quality so that the sites on their network remain safe and receive the maximum amount of Google love.  This is also known as White Hat SEO.  They do offer writing services at $2 per post at the time of this writing, but frankly, I have not tried them.  I did find people online that were happy with the quality of the posts and the turn around time.  


Where to Buy Linkvana

Linkvana is only available from their official website at  When you order directly from the company, they give you a free 7 day trial to test out the service and see if it is for you.  Whatever links you build in that time are yours to keep even if you cancel before getting billed. 

Keep in mind that Linkvana does not offer refunds but you can easily cancel at any time.


The Final Verdict

Based on product research, other user feedback and my own personal experience, Linkvana is recommended to anyone who is serious about ranking better in the search engines.  For those only promoting one personal site, you need to make sure that your page one rankings will be worth the 147 per month price tag.  For those promoting multiple websites or performing search engine optimization for others, Linkvana is an excellent tool to add to your repertoire. 

The service has been around for a while, focuses on maintaining the quality of their network and gets great reviews from many professional Internet marketers around the Web.  This is considered a White Hat SEO option, so if you’re worried about getting penalized by the search engines, this is probably your best option.  Furthermore, it is really easy to use and for those that don’t like to – or don’t have the time to – write unique content, they provide inexpensive writing services at $2 per post.

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