Unique Article Wizard Reviews: Is UAW the Perfect Link Building Tool Post-Panda? [VIDEO]

Unique Article Wizard ReviewsUnique Article Wizard claims to be the best article syndication tool on the Internet, saying that your content will get published by more websites than any other service. The theory is that if you send out better content using superior spinning techniques and make it easy for anyone to re-publish a unique version of your article, that content will not only fetch more backlinks but will also continue to get published indefinitely into the future.

Most article submission services fall short in at least one critical area and don’t give you the search engine results that you hope for.  Supposedly, Google has made it harder to rank well by discounting links found in duplicate content, for example, so a service like this has to be diligent to ensure that every step of the process is at its best.

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If you still want more information (I reviewed the *ish out of UAW for you) before trying Unique Article Wizard, continue reading below.

Update #1 This review has been recently updated to include Panda 3.3 information and to see if UAW is still a good option even after Google’s most recent changes.
Update #2 New Unique Article Wizard Bonuses Added to the End of This Review
Update #3 New UAW Case Study Added October 16, 20

In-Depth Unique Article Wizard Video Review
37 Minutes

What is Unique Article Wizard?

Unique Article Wizard is a service that provides a step-by-step wizard where you can create new content, rewrite that content and submit it to over 20,000 websites that need fresh, unique content. Each website that accepts and publishes your content must leave the resource box with the links that you created intact.

How Does Unique Article Wizard Work?

With Unique Article Wizard you can use a spinner on your own and paste the spun syntax in the article form but the real value of the service comes from when you spend the extra time and rewrite each paragraph by hand. This way each unique version of your article looks great without machine generated gibberish and looks like you actuality wrote each version, because, in reality you did personally write every word.

As you can see, this attention to detail will take you more time on the front end but in the long run your article will get picked up by many more sites and will continue to be republished out into the future indefinitely, effectively “dripping” hundreds or thousands of links back to your website over time. In theory, if you write and submit a few articles a week you can generate tens of thousands of backlinks over the course of a year. This is a huge claim for any service, especially since each link should be counted by Google because it is found within unique content.

Some additional information about Unique Article Wizard that will help you decide whether or not this is for you is that you can have an unlimited number of pen names so if you are promoting different sites in different niches you won’t cause readers to question how you can be an expert in so many different niches at the same time. To me, the more important benefit of this is that the search engines will think that many different people are promoting and talking about your website. This carries infinitely more weight with the Big G than if you were talking about yourself on thousands of pages around the Web. Makes sense right? This benefit makes this feature a biggie, really differentiating UAW from all other products in its class.

In addition, you are allowed to spin your resource boxes so that you can easily alternate anchor text, the URLs that your links point to and the text surrounding your links to make things look extra natural to the search engines.

I also saw on one Internet marketing forum that people were concerned that their article would get “blasted” out to thousand of directories and they were curious to know if you could set a daily submission limit inside UAW or otherwise schedule the syndication of your article over time. The answer is that you can set a daily limit right at the end of the step-by-step wizard and you can go back later and change that limit quickly and easily. Also, after going out to the article directories your content gets picked up by webmasters one at a time. If they like your article and want to republish they can easily do so.

Research Results for Unique Article Wizard

I have been using UAW for about a week now and I put only one article through the system to see how it went. My article was actually rejected three days after submitting because I put three links in the resource box, you’re only allowed two per article. So I resubmitted the article and it got accepted the next day.

  • Here were the results of the first day of my article being submitted:
  • I set a daily submission limit of 25
  • My article was submitted to 24 different sites
  • 17 out of the 24 were live right away
  • Out of the live articles, 1 was on a PR3 domain, 2 were on a PR2 domain, 1 on a PR1, 11 on PR0 sites, and 2 were on domains with PR n/a
  • So, on day one I received 17 backlinks found in “unique” content (you spend a good amount of time rewriting so it was not machine generated gibberish), better than I thought

Update #3 Personal Case UAW Case Study Added October 16, 2012

 I am excited to announce that I’ve completed a study to finally answer the question, does Unique Article Wizard work? 

In short the answer is yes. 

If you consider moving a new website up to Number 2 in Google a success, then yes, Unique Article Wizard works.

Let’s break down my test…

Unique Article Wizard

The article has been submitted 7 times per day for just under two weeks for a total of 85 submissions. Not all of them have been indexed but I don’t expect all links to get found by Google. After all, it’s results we’re after, not links.

Unique Article Wizard Review

As you can see we were doing the Google dance for a while there, which is normal. If this jumping around happens to you, just know that it ALWAYS happens at some point.

Unique Article Wizard Review 2012

It’s nice that dozens of my pages are ranking for this keyword but I find it a bit peculiar that I own about twenty spots in sequential order. This is not the first time I’ve seen this either. I have a handful of sites that have sequential rankings just like these.

I guess it’s just a quirk in the current algorithm and they don’t really care about deep pages of the results because how can one site dominating two full pages in a row be considered a good user experience?

I am certainly open to your educated thoughts on this… leave them in the comments below.

Full Disclosure

The problem with this case study is that I refuse to use only one tool to build links because it will be useless in the current SEO environment.

I have built social bookmark links and one link pyramid with web 2.0 properties BUT for the last two weeks I have only built UAW links…

That’s the best I can do to see if Unique Article Wizard is effective in increasing Google ranking.

Unfortunately, you will have to take my word for it that I own this site because I cannot reveal the URL or the keyword.

What’s the Competition Like for This Keyword?

It is a valid point to think that maybe this article marketing method was only effective because the keyword has little or no competition. When I Google this term right now, without quotation marks, it returns 543,000 results (and my site just showed as Number 1 so I’m really excited! We’ll soon see if it’s only because the search engine is remembering my preferences or if it’s legitimate).

Below I have included the search volume for this keyword and left the “reviews” part of the term showing to show you this is a buyer keyword (one with high commercial intent).

Unique Article Wizard Results

But it Says That the Competition is Low… What’s the Deal?

I thought you might say that but you can’t always think it will be easy just because the Google External Keyword Tool says so. 

May I also show you the Market Samurai SEO Competition Data for this key phrase?

Unique Article Wizard Case Study Results

DA = Domain Age
PR = PageRank
IC = Index Count, Number of Website’s Pages Indexed
RDD = Referring Domains to the Domain
RDP = Referring Domains to the Page
BLP = Page Backlinks
BLD = Domain Backlinks

And I’ll stop there because backlinks to the page is the main factor I look at when analyzing the strength of the competition. 

As you can see the competition is incredibly fierce for this keyword phrase.

Yes, I have the exact match domain for the keyword and that obviously helped me get ranked quicker and easier. 

The point of this case study is to see if UAW works and I think you can agree that it does. 

If you are wondering why I didn’t test it on a site that does not have the keyword in the domain to really see if UAW is effective, well… frankly, I don’t waste my time on sites that don’t have the proper on-page optimization (keyword in the domain being one on-page factor). 

All else being equal, this single article submission seemed to move my site in the right direction in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). 

Who knows, it still might not work for you but I’ve done all that I can to test this tool. 

Either way, I now know that UAW works and I will continue using it until it stops working.

What Other People Say About This Article Marketing SEO Software

When doing searching online for other people that actually use the service, the opinions depend on which forum you find. It seems that for people that like SEO tools and believe in generating a ton of links using well-spun “unique” content, they love this tool and it has been used regularly for over four years now, an eternity in the Internet marketing field. For the forums that don’t seem to be into SEO full time, just dabbling in it while focusing on their main business outside of Internet marketing, they don’t seem to believe in automated tools at all and are afraid to get slapped by the search engines for doing something wrong.

I did my best to find people that actually have experience with this service and not just voicing their opinion about these types of link building tools because that won’t help us. Here are a few different excerpts from people talking about Unique Article Wizard online.

POST PANDA/PENGUIN: From Kelly Felix and Mike Long (12 year Internet Marketing Veterans) inside their members area, “UAW is absolutely, positively still working! There is no question UAW is still working like nuts right now”

“Most of the time your articles go on weak sites. But occasionally your article will get picked up by a reputable site and this a good way to increase your backlinks.” seothomas

“UAW in my opinion simply cannot be beat in terms of generating human readable articles for auto submission to directories and email lists. Yes it does take some editing,but it is very simple and WELL WORTH THE TIME YOU PUT IN!!!!!” P. Williams

Outside of the Article Directories, it seems that your article usually get published on low Page Rank websites because there are so many blogs using their free plugin.

Here is one complaint from a real UAW user.

“These are then published to blogs that normal everyday people agree to have on their own blogs. People like to hear that content is king bla bla bla, so people are more than happy to add there blogs to UAW.” “The problem with these kinds of public networks is that they do not limit the amount of articles to 1 blog which means over time, your links will become less valuable and you’ll end up in a viscous circle where you have to continue using their services, just to maintain a moderately competitive keyword.” WizBit

The problems with Wizbit’s comment is that he only mentions the blogs that publish your content and not the Article Directories and he doesn’t connect how your links lose value over time.  I completely disagree with him because if your links are still live, they continue to have value in the search engines.  Furthermore, there is not other service that can do more with decent content than UAW.  That’s why they’ve been around for so long.

The number of backlinks that you can generate is so big that it counters the low Page Rank of the websites where your links are found. If you look at the linking profiles of even the most competitive websites on page one of Google you will see that 90% of their links are found on pages without Page Rank. So, this tells you that all links count and it even looks unnatural to have only links found on sites with PR.

Advantages of Unique Article Wizard

  • I’m not sure when Unique Article Wizard was first released but it has been at least 5 years which is an eternity in Internet marketing, usually a good sign
  • 67 dollars per month is at the lower end of this class of link building services
  • One article that you write will go out and fetch you hundreds to thousands of backlinks
  • Each article that goes out is a unique version so that most of your links get counted towards your search engine rankings
  • Unique article spinning method ensures that each unique version of your article is readable
  • Easy to use step-by-step wizard
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Unlimited number of pen names so that, in my opinion, it doesn’t look like you are the one doing all the promoting; UAW suggests the benefit of unlimited author names is that you can be an expert to different markets at the same time
  • Submits to Article Directories and to blogs in their network for a diversity of links
  • Content is submitted over time so that you are safe from any search engine penalties for building too many links too quickly
  • UAW provides a list of all the sites that your article was submitted to so that you see everything is working and so that you can build backlinks to those links, boosting their effectiveness
  • Possibility of your article going viral for more links because readers can easily re-publish a unique version of your article on their website
  • Multiple alternating author boxes so that you can alternate URLs linked to, anchor text and content around your links making things look even more natural

Disadvantages of Unique Article Wizard

  • This is not a completely hands-off link building service; Unfortunately, you do have to write the article and then do some work to “spin” the article before hitting submit
  • Some people don’t like tools that use any kind of spinning, thinking that it is a “black hat” tactic
  • My article took 3 days to approve which is longer than I expected but after it got accepted it has been published every day without any additional work from me
  • I have to put the recurring subscription fee under disadvantages because, of course, I prefer one time paid tools. On the other hand, with monthly cost this usually ensures that the creators will continue to work on and update the service.

Ready to Get Started?  Click Here to Lock in the Low Price

Highlights of Panda 3.3

Unless you’ve been living under a rock somewhere, you’ve heard about the most recent search engine update recently released at the beginning of March 2012.

  • This was a manual update that targeted private blog networks with the intent of de-indexing sites in their network
  • This was not an algorithm change
  • Blog network sites with both unique and spun content were de-indexed
  • The most logical way that Google found out about these networks was with the recent (unethical) email they sent out to hundreds of thousands of Google Webmaster Tool users. The message to users was that there has been notice of some unnatural linking going on and in order to speed up the process of getting any penalty lifted, the user was to immediately tell them how they were getting the links! (the phishing request came in the original email or maybe in a subsequent email but I’m not sure because I did not personally get notified). So they got this information by scaring people into submission and then had a nice list of blog networks to go after.
  • Unique Article Wizard is not a private blog network. They distribute your content (content that is higher quality than normally-spun content) to Article Directories and to site owners who have installed their plugin in search for new fresh content.

When looking for a good alternative to Build My Rank, the only service that is just like BMR but seems to take better care of their network is Linkvana. However, you must not only look at exact comparison services because Unique Article Wizard is another service that although differs in a few regards, can be a great alternative to fill the void left by the closing of the BMR network.

Comparing Unique Article Wizard to a High Quality Private Blog Network


unique article wizard vs linkvana

If you were going to choose one service to replace Build My Rank with (recently closed due to Google’s de-indexing of their sites) and were looking for the biggest bang for your link building buck, I would go with Unique Article Wizard. Even though Linkvana is the closest head-to-head comparison you will find, if you were looking to build a lot of links coming from many different sites, UAW would get my vote.

Support people from each of these networks told me that they have not been affected by the recently released Google Panda 3.3 Update.

Here is my chat with a representative of Unique Article Wizard after the recent Google Panda 3.3 turned the SEO world upside down.

My opening question (not shown in the chat window) was: “What percentage of the sites in your network got de-indexed due to the recently released Google Panda 3.3?”

System 7:22:47 PM System is getting started. [Tuesday, March 20, 2012 7:22:47 PM]

A representative will be connected, please be patient.

Jeff enters the chatroom.

Jeff 7:23:12 PM Hello Nick K, my name is Jeff. Welcome to the Unique Article Wizard Chat Support. Please give me a moment while I review your case.


Nick K 7:23:31 PM hello

Jeff 7:25:13 PM We have not been hit by the deindexing as of today

As we see it, today they are only rumors, buildmyrank was designed specifically to game google, our network is natural, organic and supplimental to 1000′s of sites content needs… we need to maintain focus on quality content, natural linking speeds in addition to link diversity.

Nick K 7:26:15 PM I thought that Build My Rank was one of the only networks that did not allow spinning. Any idea why they got hit?

Jeff 7:27:36 PM Not sure, but we know the differences between us and them. They are a private network that was black hat….we are not

Nick K 7:28:21 PM Because Unique Article Wizard’s sites are independently owned? is that the difference?

I want to say that appreciate your honesty. I thought that you were going to completely brush my question off.

Jeff 7:29:28 PM we focus on providing blogs and directories within unique articles in exchange for backlinks for the work and effort put forth by the authors. There is no fee paid to author or directories for this exchange.

Why lie

Nick K 7:30:15 PM Frankly, after seeing BMR go down, I thought that no network was safe

Jeff 7:30:36 PM all of our sites are independent


our network is all about quality content

we are not seeing any hit yet

not to say we will not be hit in some way

Nick K 7:31:58 PM I didn’t really understand the part about paying directories because I thought that the private networks did not pay for links either.

Jeff 7:33:36 PM Some private networks are owned by the system owner who you pay

that is what i meant

Nick K 7:34:09 PM ok Jeff. Thank you very much for your time. You guys have been through a lot over the years so I wanted to make sure you were ok

Jeff 7:34:32 PM So far so good!

Nick K 7:36:23 PM good night and thanks again Jeff

Jeff 7:36:36 PM bey


However, we can’t just take their word for it and must only assume that ALL private blog networks are under attack by Google.

With that being said, Unique Article Wizard gives you the closest thing to the benefits of a private blog network plus the benefits of high quality spinning and side-stepped this major Google slap because it is not a private blog network.  UAW seems to be the last man standing because it is more Article Directory and public community than private blog network.

Ready to Get Started? Click Here to Lock in the Low Price

Key Points About Unique Article Wizard as it Relates to Google Panda 3.3

The reason I continue to recommend Unique Article Wizard is because it is not a blog network and therefore was not targeted this time. SEO is always a moving target so there is no guarantee that UAW, or sites that publish their content, will not be targeted in the future.

Yes, Article Directories were penalized in previous releases of Panda but they were not de-indexed so the links found on them are still alive and valued, even though those directories are now lower in the SERPs.

Does that make sense?

Unique Article Wizard differs from private blog networks like Build My Rank because the content is published to sites that are of some value to the end-user. The content being of low quality made Google penalize the directories but they did not de-index them. The sites in their service are Article Directories and other sites owners that have installed the UAW plugin, both actually wanting/needing the content.

Even though the content distributed to the BMR network was unique, the network was targeted for being Black Hat and only existing to game the search engines. Unlike the UAW description in the previous paragraph, the sites in the BMR network (and in all blog networks) are only there to house this content and the links. The sites are all owned by the network owner and their only purpose was to build links and improve search engine rankings.

Looking at this from Google’s perspective, de-indexing or penalizing all came down to the intent of the sites publishing the content.

If the intent was to get higher rankings AND to publish content that visitors read, the penalty was lower ranking because of the low quality content.

If the intent was only to get higher rankings and no human would ever get value out of the site’s existence, they received the ultimate penalty of de-indexing.

The SEO World has been turned upside down by the recently released update, Google Panda 3.3. I will continue to dig deeper and let you know which products and services are still standing when the dust settles.

The Final Verdict

I really like Unique Article Wizard and think everyone serious about dominating the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) should have this service in their repertoire. The reason being, in SEO with every step being so tedious, it’s nice to have at least one tool that takes one piece of content that you wrote or bought and gets you hundreds of links with that content gradually over time. With other tools, once you stop writing and submitting content for distribution you stop getting backlinks. Unique Article Wizard is passive and residual in that sense so it will continue to work for you whether you decide to work or not.

Click Here to Start Submitting Your Articles to Thousands of Websites Through Unique Article Wizard, Risk Free for 30 Days


My New Unique Article Wizard Bonus


My simple goal is to add more value to your life and to your business than I receive in payment.

If you decide to sign up for Unique Article Wizard through my affiliate link, I will make $26.80.  This commission will be paid to me by Allegretto Publishing, the creators of Unique Article Wizard, and it’s important to note that the price for your UAW subscription will be the same if you use my affiliate link or not. 

In return for the commission I receive, I want to help you get what you want, which is probably higher search engine rankings in this case.

As you know, search engine optimization is a different game after the recent Google updates.  For one, on-page optimization is much more important than it used to be and is estimated to be almost as important as the number and quality of backlinks your website has.

Second, link diversity is a must for better rankings.  You cannot expect to succeed for most keywords by only using one tool, even if that one tool is Unique Article Wizard.  You will need links pointing to your website from many different types of websites and with many different anchor texts (the actual words that are usually blue and underlined that link to your website when clicked).

Lastly, to make the most of Unique Article Wizard you will need content and then you will need to “spin” that content. Who wants to do that by hand? Not me! It takes too much time.

Here’s how I think I can help you.

If you purchase through my affiliate link, you will be entitled to my bonus.  Here are the details.


Unique Article Wizard Bonus Details


1. Customized Banklink Analysis Reports

These special reports will allow you to legally spy on your competition.

With this data you will see exactly how your competition is beating you and the exact pages that are linking to them.

This way you will know exactly what you will need to do to outrank them and you will have a great idea about where to get links from (just copy them).

Simply give me the URLs of 3 of your competitors and your website’s URL and I will send you an organized Excel file with the data.

2. One SEnuke XCr campaign

I will build links to your homepage and to your money page using a random SEnuke template and the turbo wizard. 
And I won’t use the low quality spun content that no one can read either.  You will benefit from my subscription to Jonathan Leger’s Article Builder because I will use it to create the high quality content your link will be found in. 

The SEnuke XCr submission will be spread out over 30 days and will use 3 different user profiles to promote your website.  I suggest providing me with 3 different URL’s and up to 30 different anchor texts to get the most out of this campaign.

3.  One Leading Articles Article with 3 Variations.  

The final part of my bonus is one free article from the Leading Articles service.  These articles are written and then spun by humans so that other humans can actually read them and your links will appear to the search engines as naturally-occurring. 
Use this article by copying it and pasting it inside your new Unique Article Wizard to get started with the service right away.

5. Ask me up to one question per month using my direct email address.  If you have a pressing question about your website and I can answer it I will do my best.  Or if you just want to chat for a little while, we can do that to.  I must limit this to one question per month due to current time constraints.

I hope that will help with your website and if I assumed correctly that you want to rank better in the SERPs, I think this bonus will add tremendous value.  At least more value than I receive in payment, in this case $26.80.

If you have any questions, shoot me an email.

To your success,


How to Claim Your Unique Article Wizard Bonus

simply email me nk@nickkringas.com and include

1. Your Unique Article Wizard Purchase Receipt Number

2. The URLs you would like me to analyze… limit 4 including your own

3. The URLs and keyword variations you would like me to use in the SENUKE XCR campaign

4.  The general category you would like your article to be in

* If you already purchased UAW through my affiliate link but did not receive your bonuses, you are entitled to them.  Just send me an email with your transaction number and I will get you the goods.

** If you cancel your subscription to Unique Article Wizard and get a refund, the bonuses are still yours to keep.





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    July 17, 2012

    ron @ 8:38 pm #

    Great article on Unique Article Wizard, I hear that they also are getting great results with the new modifications for Penguin, looks like I will be signing up!

    July 18, 2012

    ron @ 3:14 pm #

    Cool thanks, the team over at UAW recommended My Article Express, might have to give them a go.

    August 4, 2012

    Arold @ 12:35 am #

    Well, I’ve leaned that article marketing has taken a major hit by the two recent Google updates. My question is “Does Unique article wizard still work?”

    August 5, 2012

    Arold @ 6:07 pm #

    @Nick Kringas:

    I understand the point that you make. Diversification is vital as far as link building is concerned, because if something happens you can be sure that you not going be affected badly. That’s one the key reason that, I plan to use as many link building methods as I can. Here is a list of them which I believe can deliver good results, if done properly.

    Article submission
    Web 2.0 submission
    Blog commenting
    Forum submissioon
    Press release submission
    Rss submission
    Directory submission
    Social bookmarking

    September 26, 2012

    Hamza @ 2:18 pm #

    Great Post man ! But I just want to ask you two questions :

    -How much time can the UAW take for a short term website (one product review website) ?

    -The anchor text should link to my website or to the anchor layer (like smart passive income strategy)

    October 9, 2012

    I’m not that much of a online reader to be honest
    but your sites really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back later on. Cheers

    October 28, 2012

    Martina @ 6:46 am #

    What’s up, all the time i used to check webpage posts here early in the dawn, as i like to learn more and more.

    November 2, 2012

    Thanks for your in depth review of Unique Article Wizard. I am about to sign up for it through your link (an expense I’ve been avoiding for a while) and am impressed that your site tops the rankings reviewing it. I’ve also subscribed to your list, so I am expecting some good value from that as well as your SEO report and other bonuses.

    Perplexed though that Google condemns SEO but doesn’t necessarily (appear to) reward unique content; or rather the volume of unique content you appear to need to rank for a top keyword seems to be astronomical without using SEO tactics (white, grey or black hat). Without SEO of some form, I doubt if any site can rank in the current environment.

    The nature of the SEO may change, but as long as Google gives weight to any factor whatsoever, and higher web page rank/position is linked to revenue, it will be discovered and optimised for, after all content curation itself is a form of SEO.

    November 12, 2012

    Bryson @ 4:05 pm #

    Do you know how indirect layering works? For example, I have articles submitted to a bunch of article directories, I want to submit, through unique article wizard, a mass amount (25 a day) pointed directly at the links where my articles are submitted to article directories that point to my site. Make sense? I read that it works but before I purchase unique article wizard I want to know if it indeed does?

    Or should I just submit 7 or so direct to my site from unique article wizard?

    April 3, 2013

    Dale Nelson @ 3:54 pm #

    Hi Nick,

    You really do provide a ton of info in your writing. I hope to start with UAW in the next few weeks as my site is still relatively new and being added to.

    Once it is complete then I will start with the BL strategy and will come back to take advantage of your bonuses.

    You helped me make up my mind.

    I hope that it is still viable to use so far into 2013.

    Kind regards

    April 17, 2013

    Unique Article Wizard is a great linkbuilding tool in my opinion. The secret is to rerun your campaigns after a few months by changing your categories. I think you need the service for at least 6 months for it to be effective though. Thanks for spending the time to create this UAW review.

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